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lon page seo services & on page seo analyser ook at is the top organic keywords so it actually gives you a full report on what keywords your competitors are ranking for and Also, it’s gonna give you you know the volume and also it’s going to give you the keyword difficulty Okay, so as you can see it’s about 51,

which is probably like a medium Keyword and it’s gonna tell you how much traffic you’re actually getting. Okay so this is probably the main keyword here as you can see it’s number and 53% of their traffic to the website. Is this keyword here? Okay, and then you can check out you know What other keywords they’re targeting and this is gonna give you a whole

You know new set of keywords that he can actually add in for your current content as well So you can start ranking for these sort of lower Searched phrases, for example this one carpet-cleaning prices. It’s got 260 Searches per month so you can actually include prices in the actual content of that page. Okay, so you might start ranking for These keywords as well Okay, so you can use that and research it Okay, so it’s going to be a lot quicker and you can also filter it as well so you can use include and exclude or the keywords and also You can search by, you know,

the volume and stuff like that as well Alright, so what you can also do is you can click on the backlink section here and it’s gonna tell you you know Which links are linking to the website? So click on the backlinks tab up here? All right, so it’s gonna show you that ok this this website here has gotten a link from fine to local calm, which I think should be a Local listing so

I’m gonna try and click on that see if it pops up Ok, so it’s a local listing website which you can basically register for for free I’m pretty sure these ones are free and then you can include your details include your URL and then you have a bad click already So you don’t have to go around searching for? You know, where can you find links? you can just see you know, which links your competitors are ranking for do this for maybe the top 10 results and You know start building up your link profile And once you have more links then and you have good content

Then it’s highly likely that you’re gonna rank higher than these people So this is a really really cool tool and I’ll probably be going through this a little bit later in the video Okay So make sure you use the 7-day free trial to check out the keywords and also check out all the places Where your competitors have got the links from? All right. So right now what I’m gonna do is go through some blog examples Okay So

I’m gonna show you how to do research for your blog and then I’ll go How to do research for your ecommerce store and then we’ll start doing on-page SEO. All right so now I’m gonna go through keyword research for Bloggers or you might have a personal blog travel blog anything like that. I’m gonna go through that So I’m gonna assume that you want to start blogging full time and you want to start making money from your blog So, how are we gonna do that? So there are several ways to actually monetize a blog The first one is by affiliate links. So signing up for affiliate programs So basically you’re promoting.

Someone else’s product and you get a commission That is the most recommended one for beginners because you don’t have to have you know any experience at all You can just write about your experience you can write about Your experience with a product or a place or anything like that? You don’t need to be an expert at whatever it is as long as you know more than you know, what other people know Then you can write about it and you can educate people Right, then the second way is to do some freelance work So as you actually build up audience

or you know traffic to your website, you can start providing freelance work you know or you might have a Agency, or you might have tour or different services you can promote that and then you can actually create you know ebooks Right so you can create ebooks and courses for example, if you actually start making money from your blog Then you can actually show people how to actually make money from their blog, right?

so for example making sense of sense calm they make money from Helping people save and they actually have a section where they show their income reports So as you can see they’ve made you know over a hundred thousand dollars in the month of June just from blogging right so they show you how they make a blog and by doing that they can promote other more lucrative sort of affiliate programs and Make more money. Okay, so that’s an idea that you can do and also if you’re popular then you might want to sell your physical products or anything like that as well like t-shirts or Whatever that’s related to you to your blog Okay, if you’re more technical you can also sell software so, you know more technical people

They might create a software which helps their audience as well. Then you can do that as well. Okay, so I’m gonna actually take a travel blogger as an example alright, so if you’re a travel blogger, what I’ll do first is I’ll just go to google and type in some keywords that or Things that you want to write about that you have experience in for example If you have been to Bali then you want to blog about Bali. Alright, you don’t write about sort of things Like what I did in Bali, you know what I mean? Because people aren’t gonna search what I did in Bali right because like if you actually copy that keyword and yeah, if you actually go to uber suggest and You plug that into here?

And you click on lookup then you can see how many searches it gets in the United States on Google Okay, so it’s not showing up here because maybe because there’s not enough searches for it The reason why there’s no lab surface where it is because so people actually search for you know They want to know what they can do in Bali So you would you would do blog post on basically like top hotels in Bali because that’s what people are gonna search in

or You know best hotels anything like that or maybe like books to do in Bali Because that’s what people are actually searching for. Okay, once you actually have an audience, then you can write stuff like You know your what I did in Bali and things like that because you don’t have an audience yet. Then you want to get an audience first by creating articles which people are searching for All right, so you can target so many different things here And you know when you actually type it in here, these are some of the things that people actually searching for

Okay So these are some of the you know titles that you can create an article on and if you actually scroll down There’s some here as well. Right? So what you do is you can copy the keywords ideas Into here go to the suggest. Okay, so you can just google that and click come on look up and you’ll see that there is about 1900 searches in the United States Okay, and if you actually go to search volume here, you can see the monthly searches. So for example, where is Bali? Bali hotels things to do in Bali. Ok, and the CPC stands for cost per click Okay, so these are add word campaigns. Okay So for this company here if anyone clicks into the website,

they’ll have to pay Google Let’s say that was the example. Okay, for example, Bali hotels they have to pay Google 2.65 per click so that gives you an indication of How competitive the keyword is the higher it is then probably the more competitive the keyword Okay, because the reason for that is because these results here ranking Organic, okay, so they’re free.

So anytime someone clicked into that. You don’t have to pay Google, right? So obviously the more expensive the CPC is here then people want to rank highly here Okay, because these will be highly converting keywords Okay, so by that, I mean like if someone clicks into it, then they’re really likely to make a purchase alright so if we actually minimize that So what we do is we’re gonna actually click into a blog and see basically how they actually monetize,

right So one of the blogs that let’s just do things to do in the Bali Okay, obviously these are the top websites here TripAdvisor So it’s going to be hard to outrank some of these websites here, but let’s click into maybe one of this the blog a blog Scrolling down And you can look on the second page as well So we want to look at other blogs who are you know, making money as well So let’s just have a look. Okay, look at how they’re making money So you can have a look if let’s click on one of these things Okay, so this isn’t really like a blog or anything like that

It’s more of a I Guess it is a blog but it’s more of a sort of like a directory sort of website. Okay? if we’re actually Santorini Dave Okay, so this is a good blog that you can get some inspiration from Okay, so as you can see, he’s got travel guides for all sorts of different locations guides for Different hotels as well, right and let’s click on all destinations And let’s click on Bali okay, let’s click on best hotels and Then here if you scroll down right and if you look at the links, okay. So for example, this one is linking to booking comm and if you look at the bottom left

Okay, you’ll see that it has the URL and it has a ID Equals three four six four two six and that is that an affiliate ID So if someone clicks in that and makes a booking for a hotel, then this website owner will get a commission Right. So as you can see he has affiliate links You know everywhere basically, so if you scroll down over here, this is also an affiliate link So he lists the top hotels and then he has an affiliate link. So what you can do is you can open that up And you can see which website it is. So booking com. Okay. Normally

they’ll have an affiliate program on the really bottom So perhaps let’s have a look Okay, if they don’t show it here or what you can do is you can do booking.com And then type in affiliate program Okay, and here you can actually sign up for the affiliate program Okay So that is the first thing to do you can check out, you know Your your competitors first and see how they’re making money. For example, this guy the points guy and You can also look up here.

So normally some blogs that have a resources page and normally on the resources page I have all sorts of resources and If people click into it and buy that resource, then they’ll get a commission as well So for example this one here, if you click on top cards, then you’ll know that you know They make a lot of commission from promoting these travel Cards, okay So you can look into these cards and see if they offer an affiliate program and sign up for it and then you know you can create content for let’s like guides and stuff like that and then you could have Promoting, you know, basically these cards.

Okay. So if we actually go here and You know, if you actually promote more luxury products and destinations like they’re more expensive the hotel per night You’re gonna get more Commission Okay, so some of the hotels they might be cheaper or budget hotels, but they might have more volume So if you talk at those ones, you might not make as much money But it might actually make up for that in terms of how many people actually search for that So less people are going to search for luxury products

But the cost of the luxury product is gonna be higher and if you times that by 10% you’re gonna make more money Okay. So for example You know the keywords that we can We can write down here like for example What to do in Bali okay things to do in bali Right, so if you actually copy that and we actually go to the upper suggest Okay what to do in bali Can have a look like a CPC is 0.7 is not that high the competition isn’t that high either? Okay, so Here you can actually get different ideas for what to actually write about

Okay, so also best time to visit in Bali best hotels in Bali all sorts of things like that So what you can do is now you need to determine okay, which keywords should you write about okay? We need to look at the competition first. So how do we do that? Right? the first thing that you want to do is check whether or not the keywords that you put in here is in the title of The website. Okay. So as you can see things to do in bali, you know, that is all in the title They gave things to do things to do in bali.

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